Transform your life. Make the choice. Heal the wounds of your heart. Begin to forgive and love.


Heal all your relationships: with yourself, God, others and the environment.



Biblical, patristic and liturgical

Some of what the Holy fathers discovered long ago through direct revelation from the Holy Spirit, and what the Bible tells us through them, can be found now in the neuroscience, and some forms of modern psychology. Although they work well together, science and spirituality are not the same. You have the freedom to choose. Just begin, be curious, pray and reflect on your life.

Together let’s start the journey toward forgiveness and find its true meaning:

  • “Supreme Therapy,” healing done by the Holy Spirit
  • Radical repair of all relationships, with self, God, others, and the environment
  • Co-creation process in which the human endeavor meets the gift of God
  • Healing journey of the depths of the mind and the soul, the heart and the body
  • Fulfillment of the calling to acquire the Holy Spirit and become like God
  • Shortcut to freedom and peace in this life and the life to come
How Healing Through Forgiveness began...


In the last years of her life, I was fortunate enough to study under Mother Siluana Vlad, abbess of St. Siluan the Athonite Monastery, and coordinator of the Center for Formation and Counseling “Saint Archangels Michael and Gabriel” in Iasi, Romania.

Mother Siluana was gifted with a deep understanding of both secular and Orthodox understandings of life and the importance of forgiveness. She developed a unique "therapeutic" program of forgiveness-the Forgiveness Seminar, benefitting thousands of people in Romania and later in Europe.

She very humbly told me once that she did nothing but collect information:

“We have created this teaching ‘protocol,’ so to speak, in which we learn – I am always learning – from secular science everything that is most valuable in its discoveries related to human suffering and from the Holy Fathers in the Philokalia, how they look at the human soul and their ‘methods’ for healing, for becoming more spiritual.”

The HEALING THROUGH FORGIVENESS online course is based on her Forgiveness Seminar, to which I made some additions rooted in my personal and professional experience, both in Romania and the U.S. It started with my passion for healing and the desire to offer and facilitate Mother Siluana's teachings in the U.S., where the depths of ancient Christianity, with its Ressurection-based optimism, freedom and joy is yet to be discovered and understood...

Forgiveness can help you...

  • Sort out your life's events and discern what is there to keep and what is to let go of
  • Let go of toxic anger, resentment and the desire to take revenge that destroy your energy and joy
  • Step out of learned patterns of struggle and reconnect with your inner strength and God's grace
  • Set the foundation for a dynamic Christian lifestyle of trust and wellness
  • Restore the bond of peace and love in your family 
  • Leave a legacy of hope and joy to the next generation
  • Keep feasting on the joy of the Holy Spirit everywhere present, filling everything
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Connect with God who created everything, God who nourishes you with abundant grace and never leaves you. When you learn to forgive, you learn to love. 


I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt: open your mouth and I will fill it. (Ps. 81:10)

God never asks us: “Why did you lie? Why did you kill? Why did you commit that sin?”. He never asks these questions because He already knows why. His question is: “Why don’t you come to Me so I can heal you, so I can give you rest, so I can comfort you? Come to Me so I give you rest and comfort, so I take you in My arms!” (Mother Siluana) 


Who will be teaching you the power of healing through forgiveness?

Meet me, Corina

Someone once asked why I do what I do. Here’s why:

I believe so many people suffer and they don’t know where to go, where to start, or they find it difficult to trust helpers in their life. My desire is to offer a safe haven, to “hold” and accept people exactly as they are so that they can start opening up towards their inner self, and discover their truest values and the deep love God created us for. 

My biggest accomplishment is my own healing journey out of personal and inherited trauma, manifested in having two amazing, good young adult children and a lasting and inspiring marriage. Because of my own journey, I personally know that anything is possible. Now I get to witness this in many of my clients who commit to do their part and seek to change their lives.

I was truly blessed to discover Mother Siluana in 2017 and to work with her on my complex process of forgiveness. I know the taste of healing through God's grace and that is what I hope that you will find, too.

The Path to Forgiveness

Module Breakdown

What is Forgiveness?


Embark on the holistic process of forgiveness of the mind, the body and the spirit. Forgiveness is more between you and God than between you and the ones who wounded you! Nobody forces you to forgive. So when you resolve to begin,  forgiveness becomes your intentional way to freedom. God becomes closer to you, and your relationships improve because you become more like God.


What is not forgiveness?


Uncover the misconceptions that keep you stuck. Discover the obstacles that keep you stumbling. Forgiveness is not a heroic act of will, a struggle to suppress emotion and feeling, or to minimize or deny the hurt. Therefore, let us not blame ourselves for not being able to forgive as soon as we were hurt. Get out of confusion, and learn how to relate to others through an accurate lens and prayer.


Cain's story and it's consequences.


Learn how Cain became the first aggressor in human history. Understand how by refusing to enter into dialog with God, Cain got stuck in his anger, got carried away by jealousy and envy, revolted and killed his brother. In this way he took revenge on God and set up a pattern of violence on which the whole world continues to be built, thirsting for power and violence, and continuing to stifle and destroy God's creation.


The logic of murderous violence.


This understanding will empower you to accept the truth - that we all struggle between good and evil! Learn how you are affected by those who, like Cain, made poor choices that hurt your soul and mind, heart and body. Discover your inherited and personal patterns of suffering, so that you stop their harm onto you and others. Begin to define the life you want to live. "The truth will set you free." (John 8:31-32) 


Escape the logic of murderous violence.


Now, renewed by awareness, armed by the new knowledge of its falls and weaknesses, your heart is ready to escape and to choose to continue the journey of forgiveness, no matter how arduous it may be. You wonder how would that be possible? Because your heart will begin to feel that God loves beyond the limits imposed by your mind and its twisted pathways. Prayer will kindle your longing for more.


How do we Forgive? The Steps...


You learned about forgiveness, unveiled your wounds and became aware of your patterns and reactions. Now you are ready to put it all together, begin to climb the steps and follow their guidance for the rest of your life. Learn to express your suffering. Allow the Holy Spirit to do the healing. Receive the gift of healing. Establish new relationships, first with yourself then with others, keeping in mind that forgiveness begins in your heart, but to reconcile you will need another heart, and that is not always possible. It is always possible to forgive without reconciliation!


Reconciliation with God.


By the seventh week, many begin to experience the joys of forgiveness, only to fall again! If you are one of them, take heart, you did very well and you reached the last obstacle...have you made peace with God? Or are you still afraid to show Him your deeper heart? Maybe the question: “If God is love, why has He allowed me to suffer and to inflict pain?" It starts with you! God is always ready to reconcile. He knows it's not easy to ask...


The Forgiveness Liturgy


Now you enter God's timeless offering, The Liturgy, which in Greek means “public service,” done for the benefit of all people. You and God, face-to-face. You've been preparing along the way. Now you learn to accept and offer your whole life as prosphora (holy bread):your thoughts, feelings, desires, needs, fears, and pain, calling on Christ to transform them into His grace and the joy that can never be taken away from you. Incessant offering, incessant prayer, healing without end...

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The Power of Forgiveness

The Healing Through Forgiveness is not only the most radical program for healing the deep wounds which keep you stuck in life, but also a process that can give you the inspiration and courage to move forward, no matter how much you suffered and how unfair it was. Sure, it is not easy to forgive, but it is possible. You can restore your initial God-like dignity and beauty. 


What will you get?

  • Somatic Presence Preparation: Presence and Centering.
  • Tips for the best learning experience online and at home
  • Beginning prayer for the Holy Spirit and prayer for each session
  • Insights and summary for each session 
  • Mother Siluana’s PDF, New English translation, and audio recording
  • Self-examination guide for each session 
  • Additional materials to facilitate learning and self-assessment
  • Private and confidential feedback on your weekly self-examination work you (one per session)
  • My professional and personal experience with Mother Siluana 

I'm ready to access the power of forgiveness...

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