Embrace a Joyful, Fulfilled Life with Ancient Christian Wisdom and Modern Science Methods!

Experience true healing of the mind and soul, heart and body with the wisdom of Eastern Orthodoxy,  applied neuroscience and modern psychology methods that honor it.


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Are you struggling in relationships?


Do you feel alone and disconnected, emotionally and spiritually "stuck", without a clear direction forward despite your best efforts?


Are you longing for deep connections with God and people, while navigating the difficulties of modern life?


You are not alone! Many Eastern Orthodox Christians and those drawn to ancient Christian teachings face these challenges nowadays, feeling isolated, misunderstood and misguided, seeking a path that lines up with their deep spiritual values.

What Will You Get?

Our membership provides you with a comprehensive suite of resources, including, but not limited to...


  • Daily Core Self-care and Portable Skills for healing and well-being: Master essential skills for your mind and body. Establish and consolidate new healthy habits that will support your spiritual life.
  • Foundational Communication Skills: Learn assertiveness, active listening, and conflict resolution. Discover obstacles in communication with your inner self, God, and others, so that you can assess and restore all your connections.
  • Boundaries and Limits: Define healthy physical, emotional, and mental boundaries. Honor God’s image in yourself and others. Practice and maintain boundaries in all your relationships.
  • Needs, Desires, and Choices: Learn about unfulfilled basic needs and unrealistic desires that may lead you to discontent and disappointment in all relationships, including God and the world around you. Discover your choices. Dare to act.
  • Thoughts and Beliefs. Emotions and Feelings. Actions and habits: Learn to use attention to uncover, discover and deal with all these aspects of your soul, as God designed it.
  • Enhanced Relationship Building: Uncover the roots of difficulties in relationships. Discover inherited and personal defensive patterns that instigate conflict, maintain it and block the flow of love.
  • Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, and Daily Energy Management: Prioritize critical issues and manage the stress of mind and body. Manage spiritual tension and struggle. Learn simple techniques that prevent and reduce stress throughout the day and night.
  • Prayer adapted to the fast pace of your life: Learn to go beyond the psychological "letting go" and into God's deepest transformation.
  • Preparation for the process of Healing Through Forgiveness: Integrate everything you learn and target it toward the radical repair of all your relationships.
  • Biblical, patristic, and Liturgical Teachings and Modern Science: Access, choose, and apply a unique blend of ancient wisdom aligned with neuroscience and modern psychology.
  • Teachings of Mother Siluana Vlad of Romania. Bonus: receive her popular book: "God, Where Is the Wound?" in Kindle format when you join.
  • Community Support: Join a community of like-minded people on similar journeys.

Our unique approach combines the holistic healing perspectives of mind, body, and spirit with the time-honored teachings of Eastern Orthodoxy.


Inspired by the wisdom of the Philokalic Fathers and the writings of modern elders, especially my spiritual mentors of blessed memory- Mother Siluana and Arhim Sofian Boghiu, we offer a path that integrates their spiritual guidance with practical psychological tools, self-reflection, and prayer.


This unique blend ensures a healing journey that respects your faith, clarifies your life path in a secular world, and equips you with practical, modern tools for a life worth celebrating.

Join our transformative community for just $97 a month

This investment in your spiritual and emotional well-being grants you access to exclusive monthly presentations, monthly Q&A sessions, self-reflection guidance, short videos for calming the mind and body, unique quotes, prayer and a supportive community of like-minded people.

Plus, enjoy a 10% discount on the Healing Through Forgiveness Course, and one-on-one individual work with Corina.

Discover and stay on the path of philokalic wisdom. Embark on your journey to mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness today!

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What's at stake?


At the heart of your journey lie challenges whose roots go deeply within the soul, where your pain hides. If you feel confused, anxious, and dissatisfied, or disconnected from God against your deepest desires, know that you are not alone.

If you struggle with close relationships with parents, spouses, or children, and feel like an outsider in the midst of those closest to you, if you suffer in silence and do not dare to share your pain with others, know that you are not alone. For many people genuine connections feel just out of reach, and isolation seems unavoidable. 

Imagine the cost of continuing down this path — the missed opportunities for love and the warmth of family and community bonds.

Without better relationships, life can become a series of surface-level interactions, leaving you longing for something more profound, more genuine. Think about the emotional toll this takes, the countless moments of shared understanding, validation and support you might continue to miss.

And then, there's the inner battle with feelings of inadequacy, self-criticism, and perfectionism. These are not just fleeting thoughts or disturbing emotions, but shackles that hold you back from using your "talants" and fulfilling your God-like potential and thriving. The cost here is huge — a life half-lived, dreams unfulfilled, and a persistent shadow over your daily existence.

In recognizing these challenges, you take the first and crucial step towards healing and peace. Don't let these hurdles dictate the course of your life any longer. Take heart and start the change! Step into a future where you're no longer just surviving, but blossoming in every aspect of your life.


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The Outcomes You Can Expect To Acquire:

From Longing to Connecting -

Your Deep Heart Guide

Meet me, Corina

Someone once asked why I do what I do. Here’s why:

I believe so many people suffer and don’t know where to start, where to go, or where to find resources and helpers who fit their lifestyle. My intention is to offer a safe space, a “holding environment” where people can begin to unwind and open up to their inner core, the heart; a way for letting go of sorrow through self-understanding; a bridge of prayer for filling their longing with the love and joy that God created us for. 

My biggest accomplishment is my own (ongoing) healing journey out of personal and generational trauma, manifested in having two amazing young adult children and a lasting and inspiring marriage. Because of my own journey, I know that anything is possible, even the impossible is possible, as Mary Poppins used to say. But I couldn't have been here without the help of wonderful therapists and mentors through whom God showed me His grace when I did not believe in His love for me!

Since 2017 I have been guided by Mother Siluana of Romania of blessed memory. Her feisty spirit and continuous prayer are a light for me and for all who dare to stop running away from their wounds and turn them into prayer, and await for God's joy to melt the pain and sorrow.


Addressing Your Core Challenges:


You're not alone in feeling like an outsider in the world, struggling with hidden family difficulties, wounded by  romantic relationships, discouraged or dissapointed by God Who doesn't seem to answer your prayers.

Our monthly online space provides the tools and understanding you need to navigate these challenges with confidence and grace.

Break free from the cycle of doubt in God’s love, doubt in yourself and others, fear of asking for help, longstanding resentments, and disheartening relationships.

Learn to set healthy boundaries with dignity and love, and start to define your true, God-like self in harmony with everyone around you, with the guidance of the ancient teachings of the saints, and the help of modern sciences that respect your values.

Achieving Your Dreams:


Imagine feeling safe inside, confident, and supported no matter what life throws at you. Through our guidance, you'll craft a roadmap that aligns with your deepest spiritual values, turning every moment into an opportunity for prayer, growth, and joy. Embrace the way from pain to love, where grief is only a pathway to divine connection.

Join a Community of Transformation:


You're not just signing up for membership; you're joining a family of people who share your values, struggles, and aspirations. Together, we'll journey toward a life of deeper faith, love, and true fulfillment in our day-by-day life.

Take the first step towards harmony –

A life of the mind and body, heart and soul gathered safely in your Deep Heart.

Join our community today and discover or rediscover the fullness of living through ancient Christian wisdom facilitated by modern healing that honors this Way.

I'm ready to join the membership for $97/mo. 



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Membership Structure and Pricing:

Your Investment in Transformation


What will you get?

  • Aprox 40- Minute Monthly Presentations: Dive deep into understanding and improving all your relationships. (Neuro-psycho-piritual experiential education.)
  • 90 -Minute Monthly Q&A Sessions: Get answers to your pressing concerns related to the topic of the month and more.
  • Quote of the month and self-reflection worksheets: Start the month with attention, courage and hope that will guide you throughout the month. 
  • 10-Minute Somatic Portable Skill of the Month Video or Audio: Simple techniques to keep you present and focused, calm and alert, ready for any task.
  • Prayer of the month: Short prayer(s) related to the topic of the month. Prayer of the Heart if interest arises.
  • Exclusive Community Access: Join a group of people like you, on a similar journey.
  • Bonus: receive Mother Siluana's book: "God, Where Is the Wound?" in Kindle format when you join.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I know it works...

 If you put time, energy and prayer, it will work.

However, I cannot guarantee that you will receive the results you have in your mind because God knows better how to work with your mind and heart, too. The Creator knows better when you are ready to blossom, even though it may seem inexplicable or unacceptable for you in those moments...

But I will give you a 30-day money back guarantee if you begin and realize that this is not the right space for you.